Big Changes Coming to Seenee Scribbles in the New Year

Big Changes Coming to Seenee Scribbles in the New Year

Thank you all for such a lovely 2023!

With the release of my new Seek & Find book (which you can purchase through Amazon here), my shop will begin offering only Hamsterville-themed products. Everything else will be on clearance now til the end of January, so go grab them while you still can!

Here's a short list of what will be leaving the shop permanently:

  • Ghibli-themed products (except bestselling stickers and prints)
  • Handmade clay products that I used to make in bulk, e.g. cat clay buddies and earrings. *Note: I will still occasionally be selling one-of-a-kind clay stuff – but I do feel ready to move on from making 50 of the same little guy!*
  • Any other stationery and accessories that do not feature Hamsterville characters

You can shop the entire clearance section here!

In addition to the clearance sale, I'll also be hosting a HUGE shop update to welcome in the new hammy products on January 31st (mark your calendars!).

Thanks for reading, and happy 2024🥳

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